In the first part of the blog called How to make the most from your supermarket flowers I gave you step by step instruction on how to create a single colour knock out using the spiralling technique. Using the same technique I am going to show you how to add a collar of foliage to your bouquet which completely changes its style. Then I will show you how to create a mixed foliage arrangement. In the final part of this blog I will explain how to make the most sophisticated bouquet of all – a mixed flower and foliage arrangement. I hope you’ll see how easy it is to make a stunning floral arrangement. If you want to master the skill of posy making then come along to one of my floral craft workshops, I run them every season throughout the year. There you’ll get lots of guidance alongside hands on experience and plenty of time to master all the techniques. You are sure to take home some beautiful arrangements. Details of forthcoming workshops can be found here.


When you are happy with the shape of your flowers, just add each foliage stem at 45 degrees and keep turning the bouquet in the same direction as you have already been doing with the flowers.

The finished bouquet


Flowers with a collar of foliage

Play around with different foliages and heights as each will give a different look. You can have a collar which is high and prominent or much smaller by tucking the leaves under the edge of the dome of flowers. You can pick up foliage from your high street florist however if you have a garden then just half a dozen thin stems or 3 larger leaves are all you’ll need. If cutting from your garden just remember to condition them before you use them.


You’ll see from the last bouquet what a difference adding even a small amount of foliage can make in fact some of my favorite arrangements are made with lots of foliage and twigs and berries too. Foliage adds variety, texture and colour all of which changes the mood of your arrangement.

a selection of foliage

The grey of eucalyptus is ideal for weddings whereas a rich burgundy leaf is the perfect foil for oranges and reds and great for Halloween and Christmas. As a flower grower I also grow lots of foliage which I bring along to every workshop. Some of my favorites are herbs which are so easy to grow. I like rosemary, mint and bay which are culinary herbs so you might have them already. Next time try them with your flowers, you only need three different types of foliage to make a big difference to your arrangement. In my Grow your own flowers workshop I go through a whole host of easy to grow foliage as well as flowers of course. To balance all the morning’s theory we learn how to make a posy in the afternoon.

Here’s how to make your mixed foliage bouquet with a single colour of flower. Its just like the single colour knock out using the spiralling technique but this time you need to be thinking about composition a bit more.

Choose your foliage

Add your flower at a 45 degree angle

Choose from your selection

Keep adding foliage and flower

make any adjustments

The finished bouquet

The final bouquet looks big and impressive with lots of texture and colour to show off the flowers. In the final part of this blog I will show you how to make a mixed flower and foliage bouquet and go through the quick and simple way to fine tune the composition of your bouquet to make it a real show stopper.